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  • Jess Ellis

Our commitment to sustainability

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

At Stone Court Vets we are conscious about sustainability and will be working towards reducing our footprint wherever we can.

As we are starting out, our ability to do this in earnest will be somewhat constrained, however, we are in a good position to choose the right products and set up from the outset, where we can.

As part of our equipment range, we have an in-house oxygen generation system which means we do not need to rely on weekly canister deliveries, transportation and production of which are expensive from a carbon point of view.

Ethical consumables are also high on our list, so where we can, we buy fair trade tea and coffee, recycled toilet and kitchen roll and plant-based biodegradable cleaners, without compromising hygiene.

We are a bee friendly practice and while we don't have space for a garden, we have bee friendly planters outside.

Lastly, we are encouraging our clients where possible to switch to a paperless system run on technology rather than trees


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