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Our Services

At Stone Court Vets we want to provide the best range of veterinary care possible to our Cardiff pets and clients. We value relationships and recognise that both owners and pets feel more comfortable when they have a familiar vet. We are a close knit team of three vets, so you will always be able to choose who you see. 

We have invested heavily in our practice and are proud to offer a variety of veterinary services. 


Animal Health Certificates

If you plan to travel to Europe with your pet, you will need one of these which we can provide. Click here to find out more

In-house Laboratory 

We have a full range of laboratory equipment so we can run tests so we can give you same day results when needed

We are one of few vets locally who can offer keyhole or lap surgery. This has many advantages over traditional surgery, namely less pain and quicker recovery. Please click here to read more.

Pet Dentistry

Dental health is often overlooked, but so important to our pets. We offer a full range of dental care including specialised dental x-rays

Repeat Prescriptions 

For pets under our care you can request repeat prescriptions by either calling us, dropping into the practice or clicking here to request online. 

Health Checks and Preventative Treatment

Regular health checks help keep your pet in tip top condition. We can pick up issues often before they become a problem and advise you on the correct preventative treatment they may need. 


This is legally required for all puppies over 8 weeks and we strongly recommend having your feline friends microchipped too!

Nurses' appointments

Coming soon!

Procedures and Surgery

We have ultrasound x-ray and laparoscopic equipment enabling us to perform a range of procedures and surgery from flushing tear ducts. We also carry out orthopaedic surgeries such as patella luxation surgery and cruciate repair surgery. Please click here to read more.

Members Club

We offer a club that helps spread the cost of your pets essential preventative care. Click here to find out more.

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