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Image by Joe Woods
Members get more than just exceptional care, they become part of the family. 

And families look out for one another, and that's what we'll do.

It's not right for everyone, but we reckon everyone should consider it. 

Why consider?

Preventative care
  • Being proactive about caring for your pet’s health is one of the best ways to help them live a long and healthy life — but it’s not always easy to stay on top of check-ups and preventative treatment. By becoming a member we will help you by sending you regular reminders for your pets checks ups and provide any necessary flea and worming treatments along with their yearly vaccinations.


Known Costs 
  • It's no secret that veterinary care can be expensive, we really believe that in most cases signing up to a health plan will help keep your pet healthy. Regular checks ups can pick up issues early, and providing preventative care helps keep you pets healthy. Being proactive is better than being reactive.

  • For a fixed monthly fee you can rest assured that the cost of your pets essential preventative treatment is covered throughout the year spreading the financial burden while at the same time saving you money.                                                                                                  

  • Please be aware that unexpected treatments are not covered (such as injury or illness) and we strongly recommend considering insurance alongside this plan to cover such eventualities.

The Cost

Our members club is currently only for dogs and cats registered with our practice. Whilst we may not be as cheap or offer as many freebies as some of our corporate competitors we believe the plan offers good value at a practice that provides a professional, personnel and caring service with a fair pricing structure

Upon joining, the first month is paid directly to us in the practice, either by card or over the phone, after which the monthly fee will be paid by direct debit.

Prices start from £15.50 per month. Cats - £15.50 Small dog 0-10KG - £16.00 Medium Dog 10.1KG-20KG - £17.00 Large Dog 20.1KG-40KG £19.00 Extra Large dog - 40.1KG-65KG - £22.00 Giant Dog +65.1KG - £27.00

Image by Joe Woods

Member Benefits

Becoming a club member will entitle your dog or cat to the following:

  • Annual vaccinations, including KC if needed for dogs

  • 50% off all primary and lapsed vaccinations if joining at the first visit

  • Prescription flea & worm treatment, as recommended by us

  • Two nose to tail health checks a year. One at the time of vaccination, and a second six months later *

  • Free insurance form processing for your reimbursement (there is charge for claims made directly to your insurers)

  • Additional ad hoc offers may also be applied during the year. 

In house discounts on certain proceedures - 1/3 off nail clips and anal gland emptying throughout the year * - 10% off routine dental scale and polishes** - 10% off wellness blood screens *** - 10% off routine neutering, including laparoscopic neutering - 10% off all other parasite treatment

* 6 month checks, nail clips and anal gland emptying maybe undertaken by either a Registered Veterinary nurse or a Vet, subject to the practice availabilty. 

** Any extractions or additional dental proceedures will not be discounted. 

*** In house wellness screen only

Please read our terms and conditions before joining - we want you to know completely what you are signing upto! 

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